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Bitget executive discusses AI's role in optimizing crypto exchange functions

Bitget executive discusses AI’s role in optimizing crypto exchange functions

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are being utilized by cryptocurrency exchanges to improve internal departments and functions. Bitget, a major cryptocurrency exchange, has incorporated AI tools into various processes. The company actively seeks feedback from its management team on the AI tools and services being used across departments. AI tools have proven particularly useful for the translation team, as well as the customer service department, which leverages AI for translation and customer support. Bitget is also working on a customizable crypto version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot to assist users in their trading activities. The exchange has also launched an AI-powered feature for grid trading strategies, allowing users to automate transactions using trading algorithms. Zero-knowledge proof (ZK-proof) technology is another solution being explored by Bitget to enhance user privacy and protect user funds and data. ZK-proofs could also enable self-custody of user funds, eliminating the need for centralized exchanges to hold user funds.